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It was collecting information about Ukrainian Army positions 1. This drone is actually the Bird Eye 400 UAV manufactured in Russia under a contract that was signed in 2012 with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). This drone costs 2 million USD. Ukrainian Border Guard Service posted photos of the Russian drone on its website, dpsu. The drone was spotted between Harasymivka village (Ukraine) and Ushakovka village (Russian Federation)On May 21, 2015, Russia lost another UAV deep inside Ukrainian territory.

It is also manufactured under a contract with the Israeli company. One Bird Eye 400 system is packaged into two carries and can be assembled payday loans online within several minutes.

It features low acoustic signature and 80 payday loans no credit check of flight endurance. Bird Eye 400 can be operated by one or two soldiers in support of small military fighting units. The operator establishes the flight path before the launch of the UAV system on a computer.

Once launched, the Bird Eye 400 operates autonomously using a digital payday loans online map and pre-programmed flight coordinates control. This kind of UAV are electrically powered by a battery. In the photo posted by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, you can clearly see the logo and the name of payday loans no credit check Russian company and the serial number of the drone, 355.

See the photo below. The label that was edited actually lists the details of the drone battery and its antenna. Those parts are not manufactured in Russia and are supplied by Israeli companies.

The author of the analysis provided the list of army units with the numbers and types of drones in each unit. See original full size photos and details at dpsu. So it is a big question how many Russian parts are in those drones. Below are a few other photos of this UAV found in 2014.

This guide will be useful to journalists, researchers, war experts, diplomats and general readers seeking information on the war in Donbas.

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Cannot get to the Zastava website from my side and from what I have seen from other sites selling Zastavas it looks along the lines of m70ish etc The very standard model. Essentially its another commercialised M98. The safety is on the right side as a switch that you press forward as opposed to the normal flag-type on the left on the 'normal' military type M98, but same thing really. Anyway, it was either this rifle or some other that I have never tested or used in the field at all, so I chose this one.

My original dream was the Winchester Safari Express of the same calibre but hadnt enough dollars. Went for a FN but found out about their payment 'issues', so left that idea, plus no shooting range at their shop and very very far from home and more expensive than the Zastava, and quite possibly over 20 years old. I skipped on the CZ, because I have some unkown thing about owning a CZ (as ive used this particular brand all my life), so opted for the Zastava.

Before I purchased this rifle I promised myself to be content with it and use my resources to build it up properly, but I am already eyeing the 9,3 x 62 Obendorff Mauser and a. My research on the Zastava points to two important things: 1) Float the barrel 2) Embed the action These two things based on what I have picked up from individuals who have owned Zastavas.

Said the Zastavas tend to need this in the first order, but I wouldnt know, never owned one, and not experienced with floating barrels and embedding actions etc and thats why I need your advice.

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